Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunday Night WTF-FEST


Me and Rob once again played Monsterpocalypse Sunday night.

I used Cyber Khan. Rob took Krackenoctus (I believe that's the correct spelling).

I, after seeing the monster he was choosing and the lack of movement abilities he would have available (compared to my Flight), chose a map with tons of terrain. Pretty un-inspiring selection of units (I took what I had). Took a BUNCH of buildings with Chemical spills (figuring I'd have a decent shot of staying at full health).

We started our game with the normal 'get into position' turns, trading a few pot shots. On one turn, I struck. I went Hyper, advanced something like 12 spaces (including the 4 steps), and set up for an alpha form destroying, 6 damage super slam through two spires. I figure, heck- 5 action die, 2 boost die, 5 power die... that's at least an 80% chance to hit defense 6 (it's actually 97.86%). I roll, knowing the game would be over- Rob never recovers from a blow like this....

And miss.

Well, the return blow did damage, but I got away, and tried to stall. But of course, I'm badly damaged, playing for time, and really unable to start my game again because I'm so badly thrown off. I also missed several more high probability attacks that game (88.65% and 93.91%.... yes I did the math). I ended up conceding.

Really, what more can I do? I set up for a game winner (not quite, but it would've been pretty brutal), and had it 'Rob'bed from me. I always say, luck may not win you the game... but it can lose it.

Rob did convince me that Tow is much better than I thought though. I was pretty impressed with his uses of it- seems to have some potential.

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