Sunday, January 31, 2010

Resolution progress for January

Alright, one month done, not much accomplished :(.

My resolutions can be found here.

No new armies, no proxying!
So far so good. I haven't started a new army, and I have not been proxying in games. This has led me to start working on my backlog of stuff, which is always a good thing!

Build my Empire army
Made some progress, mainly on infantry. On pace to complete this.

Paint Dark Elves
ALMOST done with my Cold One Knights. I've made a lot of progress, but real life has really slowed me down. A little behind pace here, but this is salvageable.

Build Witch hunters
Still need to write an army list. No progress on this front. I had a decent head start at least.

Play more games
Played two games of Warhammer Fantasy. A bit behind where I'd like to be, but this isn't so bad.

Great Battles of Alexander
Not started yet. Should get to it though.

Fellowship of the Ring
No progress. Need to build terrain.

100 painting points
Been working at this, but real life has worked against me. 5 Cold One Knights will put me at 10, which will keep me on pace, but they aren't done yet :(.

Top 50 movies
Watched the Godfather, Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, and City Lights. 4 new out of the 41 needed means I'm on track here.

So.... I'm still on pace for 4 out of 9. Kind of disappointing. I am hoping February will be better. If I make the initial progress on some of these, I will keep the momentum. We'll have to see.


  1. Not much progress?? What have you been doing? Taking down wallpaper???

  2. Yes, now that you mention it. That's a whole week of my life I couldn't work on my hobby stuffs!

  3. Well it sounds like things are going along fairly well all in all. Just keep going bit by bit and you'll make a good chunk of progress before you know it.

    I've got a lot to do but have also done a lot, so it's good to focus on the positives.

    i.e. This month I have:
    - Played a cities of Death 40k game
    - Finished Isembard Kickass Brunel and Leroy.
    - Basecoated 70% of my Grey Knight Land Raider
    - Basecoated ~50% of my pickup truck, Chimera and trucka-trike from Ramshackle Games
    - Sculpted my first figure to about 60% completion.
    - Assembled all 8 honour guard and 2 Marneus Calgar figures.
    - Finished chapter 13 of my novel and got 2000 words into chapter 14 (slow but steady, slow but steady).

    hmm, it looks good when I write it down like that. I don't want to add my unfinished list, especially since I've just ordered a disgusting amount of stuff from Ramshackle games.

  4. You know, that's a good point. Next month I'll try that approach instead- look at what I've done in the month instead of the fact that a few of my resolutions haven't been started.

    Thanks for the advice! That's definitely a good idea.

  5. Try it now. Write down what you have completed and don't worry about what it still left. I just managed to finish off a figure last night so that brings my total down by 1. Unfortunately when my ramshackle order gets here I will have 13 vehicles to paint (including a Land Raider) and 48 figures (2 are bikes). Still, that's why you need to focus on the completed parts.


  6. Hmm..

    Alright, last month, I accomplished:
    -Mostly painted 5 Cold One Knights.
    -Played 2 games of Warhammer (2 wins!)
    -Assembled an American Parachute Rifle Platoon for Flames of War.
    -Finished the majority of two 500 point armies for Lord of the Rings (assembly).
    -Watched the 4 movies mentioned.
    -Got a decent amount of work done assembling one of my Swordsmen units for my Empire army.

  7. Good work my man. That's a reasonable stack of modelling work that needed doing and it sounds like you have things moving in all stages of completion. I find it's nice when I can be building something, be basecoating something else for a change and finishing off the last bits of another model; it all stays fresher that way.

    Maybe drop a photo on the blog of everything you've got painted or assembled. It can be a real booster to see how far you've come rather than thinking about what's left.

    In fact, I may do something along those lines myself in the next couple of days. I've got another cityfight game vs Old Shatter Hands tomorrow though so that'll be up on the blog first probably.