Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Years Resolutions for 2010

Alright! Time to get some things to keep me focused on next year. Hobby things mainly. I think if I stayed focused, I really can get all these done!

No new armies, no proxying!

I will not be starting any new armies on the upcoming year aside from the ones I play for Fantasy (Empire, Dark Elves, Ogre Kingdoms), 40K (Necrons, Witch Hunters, Daemonhunters, Chaos Space Marines), and whatever I end up choosing to do for good in the other games I play (one army apiece). There's rumored to be soooo many cool new things coming out. How can I resist? Even buying random models needs to stop. I need to focus on what I have!

Also- I want to force myself to assemble/convert the stuff I want to run. It'll make the game more enjoyable and rewarding for myself and my opponent. No more 'counts as'.

Build my Empire army
I have played them a few times, but I always have to proxy. I have an Army List that I want to use, but I want to get it fully assembled so that I can field it without having to figure out models to sub in. I think I own all the models, thankfully. Just need to finish! It's still PLENTY incomplete, so this will take some time.

Paint my Dark Elves!
Dark Elves were my first ever Games Workshop army. Why are they not painted??

Build Witch hunters
This also involves coming up with a good 2000 point list, and then ensuring that I have everything I need to assemble it.

Play more games!
I played 10 games of Warhammer Fantasy this year, 3 games of 40K, Space Hulk, and Blood Bowl, and 2 games of Warmachine. I'd like to play more (much more, in the case of 40K) of each of these. I also want to try Malifaux and Uncharted Seas. Basically, I want to play much more!

Play through Great Battles of Alexander
Great Battles of Alexander is a fantastic game about an era of history I love. I want to play through all 10 scenarios included. This will probably end up being solo, simply because ancient warfare isn't everyone's taste, but I can live with that. So long as I finally do it.

Play through Fellowship of the Ring
Get the models, build the terrain, and play all the scenarios from the Fellowship of the Ring book.

Get 100 painting points
Finishing the Dark Elves, according to Painting For Paints, will give me like 74 or so points. I want to get to 100. That's more than I've done up to my hobby LIFE up to this point. Quite a tall feat!

Watch the top 50 movies
Trying to get myself more cultured, I want to watch as many of the top 50 movies on the AFI top 100 list. I've seen 9 to date, so 41 more before the end of the year. First up, The Godfather!

Alright, that's it! Let's see how well I do! I'll make mention once a month about it. Or less frequently as I forgot :).


  1. I'd be interested in playing that Great Battles of Alexander at least once. I should probably actually make some progress on that 500 points in November thing though as well =). That's what the first few weeks in January will be for.

  2. I'm also trying to figure out my resolutions and where I'm going to spend my money.

    So far it looks like finishing my current models will take another month or so. After that I'll probably round up my Tau force to 1850 points (add a battleforce, 2 crisis suits and 2 piranhas). I think I'll stop there for the time being. Perhaps I'll get a little more to make it able to play at 2150 but that is a good end point for me.

    I want to add a few nuggets to my marines but mostly just fun models. I'll be ordering Marneus Calgar's boxed set so I can have a big, nasty honour guard set and some great models to paint.

    I also really love the witch and daemonhunter models so I might pick up some of them. I want a squad or two of Battle sisters and some of the cool direct-only models (like the inquisitor on the throne of judgement and penitent engines). I'm not sure when I'll get the money or time to have those but little by little is my plan.

    My final big plan is to clear out our basement enough to set up a gaming table down there. After I get the table, I'll need to spend some time and effort on terrain to make it look good.

  3. Nathan: I am not likely to finish my November painting challenge, but surprisingly I've made progress! Just no completed models, sadly. Really just need to get that last step done.

    Pete: Yeah, resolutions may help give me some impetus to get these things done!! Also, hopefully it'll stop me from wasting so much money. Hopefully ;).

    DH/WH models are what interested me in them more than anything (though their background is pretty interesting). Who doesn't want to own a unit of those Grey Knight Terminators? Or unit after unit of nuns with guns?

    I really need to get that Witchhunter list together. Could help me focus on what I need to build and buy.

    And I need to build Terrain too :-\. Nathan, did you make any progress on your gaming table?? :)

  4. Also, I'd love to play GBoA with ya! I'll try to find which one is the most balanced and fun.

    Maybe the Battle of Issus? It's actually one of his best known and most impressive battles! A river crossing against numerically superior forces by Alexander, with the decisive charge by Alexander and his Companion Cavalry.