Monday, February 22, 2010


YEAH! Sweet sweet MeleeCron goodness.

I've been playing Necrons since they came out with their own codex- they were my first 40K army, and they've been the one I've run the most often.

However, Necrons are not a... hmm.. very dynamic army. Every army I've seen people run has been pretty much the same. Not for me. I decided to try to run a close combat- based Necron force.

Of course, this is generally not a good idea. Poor initiative, plus the fact that Necrons tend to start dropping FAST once they're in combat means that it's usually not good. With that said- it sure makes for an interesting army, and it can pull out some surprising wins! Honestly, it's usually a loss (sometimes badly!), but I have seen this army keep things very close and tense to the final end!

One note. I don't use a C'tan in this list. The C'tan is definitely a very very very scary item in close combat, and certainly would be useful in this list. However, with the points cost, you can buy a lot more Necrons, which may be the difference between keeping you in combat and not. Of course, I've tried this with both the C'tan, so I know they certainly can help (even Assault Terminators get nervous!).

Anyway, here it is, 2000 points of Necrons:
Necron Lord w/ Warscythe, Destroyer Body, Phase Shifter, Resurrection Orb - 210
8 Flayed Ones w/ Disruption Fields - 168
8 Flayed Ones w/ Disruption Fields - 168
11 Necron Warriors - 198
10 Necron Warriors - 180
10 Necron Warriors - 180
3 Wraiths - 123
3 Wraiths - 123
10 Scarab Swarms w/ Disruption Fields - 160
3 Tomb Spyder w/ 1 Particle Projector - 165
3 Heavy Destroyer - 195
2 Heavy Destroyer - 130

The Heavy Destroyers are my long-range tank destroying support, the Warriors sit back and hold/contest objectives, and everything else prepares for the glorious charge!

I'm hoping to get another game in fairly soon, so hopefully you can see this in action (against the new Tyranids hopefully!). Hopefully it goes well!

I would ask for thoughts, but really this is a list to keep me entertained until a new codex comes out. I expect it to be a little on the weak side. Doesn't matter though :)


  1. I'll play against that but only if I get to use your Sisters and not my Tau =x

  2. Oh, I'm sure Tau could take this, lol. They might even win some combats!!!

    Actually.. maybe not. I bet you kill most of it on the way in though.

  3. That's a cool looking list. I like that you've gone against the 'normal' way of playing necrons and gone for something different. I'd probably look for another destroyer lord in there just so I could have some high speed warscythe action but your list looks fun.

    How about matching this bad boy up against your Sisters list in a game? That could be a cool matchup :-)

  4. I thought about it- I would probably have to drop some Heavy Destroyers/Tomb Spyders to pull it off, but I really think a second Lord could make the difference. I'd have to give it a few tries to see how it works.

    Sisters vs this... oi. That would be be pretty ugly. Although, I really don't it would go so bad for the 'crons once they got to combat. That may actually be fun. I might give it a shot!