Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh, sweet sweet Specialist Games

Alright, as for my goals with the other GW games.

Lord of the Rings/War of the Ring: Not really a specialist game, but close enough. I love the game system, love the models, and LOVE scenario play. I am hoping to use the scenarios as my impetus for getting/assembling/painting the models. Like I said, I have goals of running through the Fellowship of the Ring book with Rob. Including the terrain construction, this is going to be a great hobby extravaganza. Beyond that, I won't NEED to buy more models!

Battlefleet Gothic: I have an Imperial Fleet, and a Dark Eldar fleet. I want to get a Necron fleet, and a Chaos Space Marine fleet (so I have a basic one to teach with). I BADLY want to get opponents for this game, it plays FANTASTIC as a campaign game. First, assemble the other two fleets I want, then write a great set of campaign rules, then try to get people to play!

Epic: I have a Space Marine army... but I've never played (although I know the rules). My eventual goal for this game is just to find opponents and play, lol. Then I can go from there ;).

Warmaster: Hey, same with this. Know the rules, own two armies, still haven't played. Badly want to!

Blood Bowl: Own several teams, want to start several more! Amazons, Vampires, Chaos Dwarfs, and Khemri to start. It's not too expensive to get a team going. Around here, we've slowly talked about getting a league going. I need to push that. Let the Dark Elves get their gaming on!

Necromunda: Next gang will be an Enforcer game. Need to find opponents, then maybe another goal. *sigh.

Mordheim: There are actually opponents down here! I want to build an Undead warband, preferably all converted (as is my goal with all Mordheim gangs), then get into a campaign. That's my goal!

My Specialist games goals are pretty depressing, honestly. If only I got to play them more, then I could actually have more. Maybe my real goals should just be PLAY THEM. *sigh :(


  1. Okay, let me officially sign up as a willing BFG, blood bowl, LOTR and warmaster opponent.

    I think the specialist games have some of the best flavour of GW and it's shame they aren't supported more.

  2. I'm going to hold you to that! :)

    And I agree. Some of the games are just SO good, I really think they're missing out by not pushing them better!

  3. Definitely hold me to it. I am tempted by a nice tau BFG fleet from Forgeworld as they are better and cheaper than GW's models. It seems crazy when it is cheaper to buy from resin-crack world than from GW but that's what lack of game support will do for you.

    I really like the metal human blood bowl team but it's just so expensive and direct only so I am not as tempted as I might be. Lesson to GW, get your games out there in the hands of people at a decent price and they will buy them. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though that they are focusing on making the most money with their biggest lines.

  4. Loves me some Lord of the Rings. Sounds like we need to get started building the terrain!! I love the feeling behind the game. It is easy to immerse yourself in the world. Of all the GW games I have played, this one is def. been the most fun for me.

  5. Pete W: The Tau forgeworld fleet is rather beautiful, but I know nothing about the rules for them. I've never actually seen a Tau fleet in action :(. I actually picked up the metal human team (even though I own the plastic one), just because it is THAT beautiful. The team also has the distinction of drawing the most blood from me during assembly of anything I've ever done. Things are sharp!

    Rob: We do! Terrain is fun to build, thankfully, so we'll have a good time working on it. And once we start doing scenarios, you'll feel REALLY immersed in the world, I promise!