Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half-year Resolution Progress

Way back in January, I posted some New Years Resolutions for 2010. I'm not doing so well, but there's hope on the horizon!

Let's take a quick look:

No new armies, no proxying!
This is my one success. I haven't started any new armies this year, and it's looking pretty good that I won't. In games, I've also been great about not proxying. The worst I've done is fielded models that weren't finished. To me, that's acceptable. The models were purchased and had been started. Usually they just needed arms or some such. I'll take it. So far, so good.

Build my Empire army
I've made progress here, actually. As the progress bar on the right shows, I'm about halfway done fully assembling what I'd like to run. This one is in limbo, primarily because 8th edition may change the layout of my army some, and I'll need to rethink what goes in there to adjust to it. Otherwise, this could very easily be done by the end of the year. I consider this on track.

Paint my Dark Elves!
Well, this one is at a bad spot. I've not made any real progress here this entire year. A lot of reasons for it, but mainly it's laziness. However, there's potential for change here as well (at the end of the post). This will be pretty tough, however. Not giving up yet!

Build Witch hunters
I work on this occasionally, whenever it looks like I might get a game in. With them pulling Sisters off the shelf, this may be a tough one (since I need more Immolators), but I should be able to get it fairly close. Overall, not good, but maybe salvageable.

Play more games!
To date, I've played 6 games of Warhammer Fantasy, 4 games of Warmachine, 2 games of 40K, 2 games of Space Hulk, and a game of Lord of the Rings. The only thing really lagging behind is my 40K games. Hopefully I can get more games in there. Once 8th comes out, I'm sure to get a ton of fantasy games in. I may also push some Kill Team games, which are a lot smaller, just to get my friends and I playing some 40K games. Anything to get those models on the table. So far though, pretty good here.

Play through Great Battles of Alexander
Haven't started at all. This should be changing shortly, but this is really more of interest at my other blog. My board wargaming has pretty much stalled out, but should start happening again in July.

Play through Fellowship of the Ring
No progress here. Really really hoping to get this one moving end of July. Just need some free time to work on the terrain with Rob, and then we can get it going! Not sure if I'll succeed on this one, truth be told. Just so far to go.

Get 100 painting points
Currently at 0. Not looking good. I just need to get painting, and I'll start chipping away at this. A hopeful help is mentioned below.

Watch the top 50 movies
Needed to watch 41, made it through 11 so far. Kind of slow, because of moving to a new apartment, and the girlfriend moving down and in. With some dedication, I might be able to pull this off. Will probably watch these while working through the other goals.

So 3 out of my 9 resolutions look to be on track, and most look like I could get back on track with some effort. The moving and girlfriend moving have really disrupted me, but as things settle down, I should be able to get moving again.

Alright, so what's going on for me the rest of the year?

Well, me and some of my friends have decided to try a full hobby challenge to get us all working on our stuff, as well as expanding our progress into the hobby.

Every month, we will be keeping track of our progress in four areas: Painting, Playing games, Blogging, and Construction (assembly of miniatures, terrain, as well as conversions). At the end of every month we will go through and determine who has done the best for that month in each category. The winner of that category will be awarded one point. After 6 months, we'll see how we did. No real prize yet, but if the competition heats up, we may involve some sort of incentive. Mainly we just want to get some stuff done.

The competitors:
Me! (and you're already on my blog)
Ben (at his blog)
Nathan (at his blog)
BK (who will most likely only have pictures of his progress show up on Nathan's blog as well)
Frans (at his blog)
Rob (at his blog)

Some of our other friends here may contribute as well.

This challenge should be a little interesting, because Frans has the most free time out of all of us by a pretty large margin (as in 2-4 hours a night!). We'll see if it's a fair fight.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be trying to get as much quality stuff done as I can, and see if I can't knock out these resolutions, as well as win me some bragging rights! It's not over yet!


  1. Someone's being productive at work today.... ;-)

  2. Just remember, those 2-4 hours includes getting platinums and Gold Trophies on my PS3, which you have been, well lacking in ;)
    I also have a life outside of hobbies including wife and two kids, so I think this competition will be close.

  3. So yeah I'm in. But not sure how I will get any games in, but posting, painting, and terrain are all no brainers.

  4. Minute: Code reviews at work = needing time for my eyes to recover.

    Frans: We'll see. You still have us beat by a lot.

    Rob: gaming is only part of it, thankfully :).

  5. The first week of July has past, and no blog post? Whats going on here Asmo?

  6. I'm busy! I'm not joking about the free time.