Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Local Competition August results!

Well, we came to a some-what majority, so let's update the scores.

Again, rules are here.

Painting: Ben narrowly wins this, making great progress on his Slann and Stegadon. Rob was close as well, finally making some painting progress. I finally started painting, but really wasn't in the running.

Playing Games: Frans again takes this, playing 10 games of Warhammer Fantasy, at various point sizes. Ben comes in second.

Blogging: I take first in a very close competition, which definitely had some disagreement. Ben came in second.

Construction: Rob gets his first point of the competition! Nathan was second, but Rob completed a LOT of models this month! Go Rob!

Next month should be interesting, since I will be playing more games, starting to get my Malifaux minis worked on, and painting more (I forgot how enjoyable it is).

Scores so far:
Ben: 2 (2 Painting)
Frans: 2 (2 Playing)
Steve (me): 2 (2 Blogging)
BK: 1 (1 Construction)
Rob: 1 (1 Construction)
Nathan: 0


  1. The building point is going to be a rough one to get next month. With everyone getting their copies of Island of Blood, those of us not getting it right away are going to be at a disadvantage!

    I'll be getting a great start on painting this weekend though so I will hopefully seal the deal on that.

    I'm also going to be fighting you tooth and nail to take that blogging point away from you this time!

  2. Also, Rob put a lot of assembly into action to start the month (something like 50 models). Could be a tough one.

    As for blogging, you're already at a great start... but I'll start pounding them out soon :)