Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Accomplishments for November

Alright, another month down!  What did I do?

Painting: I made some progress on my Titan Gladiator, finally.  It's not much, but I finished the red and began painting the bronze.  Hopefully I can have him done by the year end (if I push myself!)

Here are the current pictures (thanks Rob!).

Assembly: I began working on assembling a 3-man unit of Soulhunters (the Cryx light cavalry). They've been filed, washed, and I've started assembling them, but they aren't finished. Surprisingly, I've also been working on some 40K miniatures- I began filing and working on a unit of Khorne Berserkers! Not very far along though, I admit.

Gaming: Played 4 games with my Cryx (25 pts vs BK, 35 pts vs Rob twice, and 25 pts vs Ben), 1 game with my Skorne (35 pts vs Rob), and 2 solo games of Blood Bowl.

Blogging: Like always, you can just look at my blog(s) to see what I've posted last month.

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