Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trying to get more 40K stuff going on again

Well, I've been pretty lax the past year or so about getting my Warhammer 40k armies assembled and on the table, and given all the cool new things that have come out, as well as a strong desire to play Spec Ops: Killzone with some 40k minis, I'm going to have to rectify that.

Part of the problem with my 40k motivation has been that all of my armies are really out of date.  I have Necrons (the oldest un-updated codex) and Witch hunters (the next oldest), and I actually own a decent amount of Grey Knights (which are going to be the newest) but really can't afford to go buying the stuff I'd need to really play them.  That leaves my Chaos Space Marines which I own plenty of, but have never touched.

I'm going to try really hard to assemble and play these guys this year, as well as work hard to create a unique, background driven army for them.  I think 40k is one of those systems that really gains so much from the work the authors have done in fleshing out the background that it would be a waste to not to tap some of that when creating an army.  So for now, I'm going to work on more 'fluffy' armies for my Chaos guys.

I own mostly Khorne stuff, and frankly, I'd like to start with a Khorne-based army anyway, since I think it'll be the easiest to figure out how to play well, even if I don't get many wins.

Here's the list I'm going to work towards, at least to start (2000 points):

Kharn the Betrayer - 165
Chaos Dreadnought w/ Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer - 105
Chaos Dreadnought w/ Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer - 105
4 Terminators w/ Icon of Khorne, 3 Combi-Meltas, Lightning Claws - 175
8 Khorne Berzerkers w/ Personal Icon, Skull Champion w/ Power Fist, Rhino w/ Extra Armour - 263
8 Khorne Berzerkers w/ Personal Icon, Skull Champion w/ Power Fist, Rhino w/ Extra Armour - 263
8 Khorne Berzerkers w/ Personal Icon, Skull Champion w/ Power Fist - 213
Chaos Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons - 130
Chaos Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons - 130
Land Raider w/ Daemonic Possession - 240
8 Lesser Daemons - 104
8 Lesser Daemons - 104

1997 points

First off, I wanted to keep as many units at 8 models as possible, because that's Khorne's sacred number.

Kharn is such a great HQ choice that I couldn't imagine not including him (although I really was considering trying to fit a Chaos Lord with a Daemon Weapon in if I could have fit him).  He can help drop vehicles as well as eat through infantry.

The Khorne Berzerkers are pretty self explanatory.  I can't really have a Khorne list without Khorne-worshipping guys, can I?  The power fist is in there so that I won't be demolished every time I fight a walker, and the one squad on foot is actually going to be using the Land Raider.  Them + Kharn in the Land Raider should be a nasty start to my army's assault.  Obviously, the Icons are there to help make sure those Daemons land where I need them, as well as to help the Terminators.

The Dreadnoughts and Predators are there because I felt like I'd have a hard time with tanks otherwise.  I probably still will, but I didn't have many other good choices I felt.  Obliterators didn't feel very 'Khorney', and I considered running Defilers, but they didn't really fit the theme to me either (although I thought a Defiler with a ton of arms sure would).  I needed SOMETHING to try to tackle armor, and these seemed like good choices. 

The Lesser Daemons will help add some bodies to the army for a cheap price, and will help out during my assaults.

The Terminators... hmm... I was considering not using them, because they don't seem all that good, but they do give me a moderately mobile anti-tank option (they can pop a Land Raider before my first wave hits, I would think).  Giving them the Mark of Khorne is a bit of a waste of points, but again, the list just wouldn't really feel right otherwise.  I may put something else in, however.  I'm not sure.

Once I get an army list hashed out, I'm going to start working on the army, with a squad of Berzerkers first (so I can use them in Killzone).  As I do that, I'll work on the background for my army.

Any thoughts?

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