Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hobby progress for week ending 12/1/2012

So this week, I've been busy during the evenings, helping my girlfriend with her college coursework, but I did manage to get a little done.

First, I am read up on all the Malifaux books, which is great.  The overall fiction in the book is really cool, and knowing about the background certainly makes the game more enjoyable.

On the painting front, I've put most of the base layer of Vallejo Chainmail Silver on my Slayer.  I really want to do more painting, but it's difficult with a minimum of time.

For assembly- I've finished all of the filing for my Wraith Engine conversion, meaning that next week, I start assembly!  I glued Terminus' sword into his model, so now I'm just left with a few spikes left until he's completed.  I also filed down Sonna Criid, but didn't quite glue her yet (or start on the rest of her crew).


  1. Good for you buddy. It sounds like you're making steady progress, which is hard sometimes but much better than doing nothing.

    Pete :-)

  2. Yeah, my goal is to just do SOMETHING every week. Even a little a day adds up!