Sunday, January 3, 2021

Resolutions for 2021

For this year, I'm going to try to keep the same goals I had last year, just expand my goals where I can, and realize that game playing goals are a bit too difficult to set, as I just can't predict when, or if, game play will return to normal.

Get 20 painting points
I managed 16 last year, so I'm going to just increase my goal a little.  I think this could be easy to achieve, but I just worry that I might lose steam at some point.  If I keep up my momentum the entire year, that just means next year's goal will be all the higher

Play 10 of my games that I've never played before
I can't predict the return to gaming, as I've mentioned before, but I think taking any 10 games that I own and have never played, and putting them on the table in some form is a good goal I can work towards no matter the face to face gaming situation.

Read 26 books
I hit my goal of 25 last year, so I'll work to increase this number by one, just to read more and more!

Lose 25 pounds
Okay, I am up on weight than I was this time last year... but I do have a plan.  Let's try this again, eh?

Overall, goals that are achievable and measurable.  Something to help catapult me into 2022 moving in the right direction!

What about you?  What resolutions have you made for the upcoming year?

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