Monday, August 22, 2022

Examining what the Prime-legal Legacy armies mean to me

With the list of 28 Prime-legal Legacy armies released last week, I have been trying to figure out what I can expect for my own collection, personally.  Maybe get an idea of what I should try to buy so I can get some games pretty early into MKIV.

Circle (Blackclad and Tharn):

I'm not sure where they will go with the Blackclad army.  The current 'Blackclad Theme' is Secret Masters, and I cannot really see that being ported the way it is (a Minion-focused Circle army?).  Maybe when they release the cadre rules, this will have some ways to interact with them.  I just don't know what to expect from this one.  I *think* this might be a Blackclad/Wold theme, but I can’t be sure.  Either way... I own a decent selection of Blackclad models (a unit of Druids, a unit of Mist Riders, various solos and warlocks).  However, without knowing more about this one, I just can't guess what I would need to field.

For Tharn, I own quite a number of relevant units and solos (as in eight Tharn units and five Tharn solos).  I would guess the living beasts would go into this theme, because they'll need some beasts, and I have plenty of those, too.  I would guess Kromac and Iona as warlocks... neither of which I own.  Aside from that, I think I'm well positioned to play Tharn right out of the gate.

Convergence (single army):

I own three warcasters... 3 non-colossal warjacks (we know colossals are not going to be usable right away), two units (assuming Asphyxious4 is Prime-legal), and about seven solos.  I *think* I will be able to play Convergence, or at a minimum, I will be one or two purchases from having them playable.  They will not be good... but if I can put them on the table, I can work on the quality of my choices later.

Crucible Guard (single army):

I should have this playable right from the get-go, with quite a number of choices.  To play 100 points (which may be the standard), I would have to buy one more warjack.  Easy enough.

Cryx (Bane and Blackfleet):

For the Bane army, where we've seen Beta rules, I can currently field 298 points.  I'm good, here, with lots of options available (and both warcasters listed playable).

Blackfleet is harder to say.  If they just take the Scourge of the Broken Coast theme, and stop there, I may not have enough to play.  A unit of Boarding Party, a unit of Ironmongers, a unit of Bloodgorgers... and maybe a bunch of solos.  If they include the Ghost Fleet items, I can add a unit of Revenant Crew.  Really should have bought Satyxis over all of these years, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  So... yeah, may not be able to field these guys for a while.

Cygnar (Storm Knight and Trencher):

For Storm Knights, I should have a few relevant casters, a few relevant jacks, and I own two units of Stormblade Infantry, one of Stormguards, and a bunch of random solos.  I probably will be okay.  Maybe I need to buy some Storm Lances.

For Trenchers... I'm going to have to hope to get lucky on the warjack choices, to start with.  I own an Express Team and a unit of Trenchers, and very few solos.  Once again, might be tough to field these guys to start with.

Grymkin (single army):

I have been buying some Grymkin all year.  I have a pretty good collection, and I expect I'll be able to field them the day they get rules.

Infernals (single army):

I am not quite sure how they'll make this work out, but I do have a good collection of Infernals, and should be okay playing them immediately.  I may want to pick up a unit of Howlers, however.

Khador (Man-O-War and Winter Guard):

I really have nothing for Man-o-War.  Thankfully, two people in my playgroup do, so at least we'll be able to see them on the table.

I'm still surprised they are having Winter Guard as one of the Prime-legal armies, given the upcoming Winter Korps.  Baffling.  Anyway, I have some relevant models here - a Field Gun, a Mortar crew, a unit of Winter Guard Infantry, and Kovnik Joe.  Depending on what else is included (for instance, I have a decent number of Widowmakers), I might be okay here.  Probably playable.

Legion (Blighted Nyss and Blighted Ogrun):

I'm covered on warlocks for both of these, I think, and I'm probably going to be okay on the warbeasts (although I admit I do not own any of the character warbeasts).  For the Nyss, I own a unit of Archers/Swordsmen (unassembled, so one or the other), a unit of Blightblades and maybe a few solos.  Not promising.

Blighted Ogrun are even worse- a unit of Warmongers and a unit of Warspears.  No solos.  I might have a hard time putting any Legion on the table in Mark IV without buying quite a bit more.  Damn.

That's probably good for the moment, I'll think about the rest of my collection and how they relate to MKIV armies tomorrow.

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