Thursday, October 6, 2022

Warmachine MKIV Preview Battlegroups have arrived!


All three battle boxes, with their magnets in the white containers

I didn't have a whole lot of time to dig into them quite yet, but getting these table ready will be my priority.  I did get a chance to pop open the Cygnar box, however.

Inside the Cygnar box:

Packaging for individual models:
There were complaints about pieces breaking, especially the polearms, so seeing them pulled off and packaged to themselves seems pretty smart.  I had no breakages in this box, I will mention ahead of time.

Major Anson Wolfe:
Detail looks good, or at least it looks as good as other PP miniature do, to my eyes.

Courser Warjack:
Pieces all have good details, I think, and the printings look fine, although I do see some shiny parts on the shield:

The pieces don't seem soft, so this doesn't seem to be uncured or under-cured resin, but rather some reside of something.  I'll try to clean that up this weekend, and see how it goes.

The Stryker polearms were packed on their own, and made the trip undamaged:
And the rest of the Stryker Warjack:
Quite a lot of pieces, but looks pretty straight-forward to assemble.

Anyway- the first box all looks good, with no obvious problems, I tried taking a close look to see if I can see any printing lines, and none immediately jumped out at me, which was another concern.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased, and I'll get working on these minis this weekend (including my first try using magnets!).  I'll make sure to post some updates (and I'll open and unbox the Khador and Orgoth boxes tonight).

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