Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend update

Well, not a lot happening hobby-wise, but a few updates.

Made some progress painting finally! My unit of Cold One Knights has paint on it, and could be done by the end of the week (unlikely, but possible). I'm really excited about them. Of course, I'll post pictures when I get around to it.

I tried Warhammer: Invasion over the weekend. It's FANTASTIC. I really need to play more games though, see how well it works with some of the other factions (we just played Dwarfs vs Chaos). The game has a lot of potential though- there's a lot of decision-making, which makes it more tactical for a card game than I'm used to.

Also, me and Rob played another game of Monsterpocalypse. I used Mogroth and Rob used Grindix-Birvikaan. The matchup was pretty terrible for Rob, given his unit selections. His units could do absolutely nothing to my alpha form, and his monster was on the receiving end of a vicious slam, really hurting his chances to get back in the game (meaning that yes, I won!). Mogroth seems very very good (Terrify + Decoy is AMAZING versus units), but I think if a player takes some Explosion and Multi-Shot, you can really help keep yourself in the fight. I'd have to try sometime, however.

Also, I updated my list of Monsterpocalypse monsters I haven't beat Rob with. Including the new monsters, haha.

Nothing else going on, and I'm sure this holiday season will be slow, but I will have some new things come the next year!

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