Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dark Elves vs Skaven, 12/18/09

Played a 2250 game, my Dark Elves vs Frans' Skaven, last Friday at the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker.

The objective was a 'fun' game. We usually try to go with the most competitive armies we can, winning being the primary objective type games. This time, we just wanted to try some random things out.

My list:
12 Corsairs (120)
-> Assassin w/ extra hand weapon, Manbane, Rune of Khaine (146)
-> Lokhir Fellheart (250)
516 points

12 Corsairs (120)
-> Assassin w/ extra hand weapon, Manbane, Rune of Khaine (146)
266 points

30 Spearmen w/ full command, Banner of Cold Blood, shields (240)
-> Assassin w/ extra hand weapon, Rune of Khaine (121)
-> Supreme Sorceress (lvl 4) w/ Sacrificial Dagger, 3 Null Talismans (330)
-> Master (BSB) w/ Lance, pair of handbows, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, Dark Steed, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness (172)
863 points

Sorceress, level 2 - 135 points

10 Crossbowmen w/ shields - 110 points

10 Shades - 160 points

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200 points

I was trying a few different things. First, I ran Lokhir, who I think is great, but WAAAAAAYYYYY too many points for his use. Against Skaven, the extra attacks will be nice, but not enough to be game changing, I'd think. I also ran a lot of assassins, which is different. I also tried to use different magic items- no Ring of Hotek or Pendant. This was the result. The goal was to get the Corsairs to focus on a unit, destroy it, and get it ran down for double points. Repeat until I won. Everything else provided ranged support. The BSB master was to eventually leave the unit and support where needed.

Also, no Hydras, no monsters :(. Level 4 took Lore of Fire, Level 2 took Lore of Dark Magic.

Frans' list:

1 Warlord @ 219.0 Pts
-> General; Shield; War-Litter, Poison attacks [15.0], The Foul Pendant [30.0], Warplock Pistol [8.0], Warpstone Armour [30.0], Tail Weapon [8.0], 1 War-litter @ [35.0] Pts

20 Stormvermin @ 218.0 Pts
-> Halberd; Heavy Armour; Shields; Standard, Shroud of Dripping Death [30.0], 1 Fangleader @ [10.0] Pts

1 Plague Priest @ 578.0 Pts
-> Magic Lvl2; Frenzy; Flail; Plague Furnace, Dispel Scroll [25.0],
-> 1 Plague Furnace @ [414.0] Pts
-> 26 Plague Monks @ [264.0] Pts
--> Frenzy; 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician, Storm Banner [50.0], 1 Bringer-of-the-Word @ [10.0] Pts

1 Plague Priest @ 528.0 Pts
-> Magic Lvl2; Frenzy; Flail; Plague Furnace, Dispel Scroll [25.0]
-> 1 Plague Furnace @ [364.0] Pts
-> 26 Plague Monks @ [214.0] Pts
--> Frenzy; 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician, 1 Bringer-of-the-Word @ [10.0] Pts

1 Doomwheel @ 150.0 Pts

21 Skavenslaves @ 42.0 Pts

1 Doomwheel @ 150.0 Pts

21 Skavenslaves @ 42.0 Pts

8 Plague Censer Bearers @ 157.0 Pts
-> Frenzy; Censer, 1 Plague Chanter @ [13.0] Pts

1 Plague Priest @ 166.0 Pts
-> Magic level 1; Frenzy; Censer, Poison attacks [15.0], Warp Scroll [35.0]

I didn't do much editing of this list, to save myself some time. Warlord in with the Storm Vermin. Almost identical in style to his competitive list, just Doomwheels instead of Hellpits.

The table (terrain set up by an independent 3rd person- Ben), and initial deployments:

For the record, this is my first try using Battle Chronicler, so I didn't have time nor experience to adjust the terrain. All of those buildings are slightly bigger, although the relative location is correct. The lake in the middle was also a little bigger, and impassible.

The terrain was a problem to begin with, it made the middle of the board unusable. It also made my force, which was no faster than my opponent, really get stuck into playing an attrition game (since the impassible terrain was more than able to block flanks) that I was not designed for.

I won't bother posting too much info about how the game went. I shot the first two turns, doing about 3 wounds to the left Doomwheel, and two to the left Plague Furnace. A charge by his Censor Bearers into a unit of Cosairs had them get annihilated by the assassin. The unit charged into the Stormvermin, who had been advancing straight down, but got defeated and ran down (the assasin killed nothing, and Lohkir directed all attacks on the warlord, dealing only a single wound).

The leftmost corsair unit failed a terror test to charge the Doomwheel, got charged instead, broke and run down, which caused the sorceress to panic off the table. At this point, I conceded, I had only killed the one unit of Censor Bearers, and had lost over 917 points, with more about to happen. Not looking good.

Ah well, next time, I'll get my revenge!

No pictures yet, next year, I swear!


  1. so why 12 and 12 for the corsairs? I sometimes go to druchii.net and they throw 14 or 21 in ranks of 7 w extra hand weapons and sea serpent standard. W Lokhir in the lead, you'd have a strong pointy anvil of Cores. Also, how do you think you'd try to kill a rat ogre?

  2. I was trying a VERY different style of play with this army (mainly to get Lokhir on the field). No Hydras, no Dark Riders... it was really just a test. It didn't turn out well, clearly, haha.

    If you look at some of my other battle reports (for instance, here- http://boisterous-exuberance.blogspot.com/2010/05/dark-elves-vs-daemons-5110.html), I VERY commonly take a unit of about 20 corsairs w/ full command, sea serpent standard, a character and an assassin. It hits units HARD. Actually, the friend here that plays daemons lists corsairs amongst his 'most hated' units.

    I was trying to go for more magic and fleeing/counter-charging than I usually do, just to see if I could get it to work. I couldn't :(.