Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Warmachine on Friday, 12/18/09

Played a quick game of Warmachine late Friday night, working to learn/teach the game with the new MkII rules. I once again ran the Khador starter box (Sorscha, Juggernaut, Destroyer) vs Pete using the Menoth battle box (Kreoss, Revenger, Repenter, Crusader).

I advanced slowly (silly Khador jacks) with my jacks leading, Pete doing the same.

My Devastator charged his Revenger, bouncing off it. The return attack taught Pete just how tough my jacks were to kill! A charging Crusader did NOTHING to me. Maybe scratched the paint.

Next turn, the Devastator did significant damage to the Revenger, and began pounding on the Crusader. A supporting charge by the Juggernaut ended the Crusader. Sorscha again moved closer, preparing to overrun his first line of jacks when ready. No damage to my forces, utter decimation of his? Sounding good so far.

Then disaster struck :(. His stupid Repenter, who I was convinced sucked, managed to hit Sorscha with it's flame thrower, catching her on fire. First turn didn't get rid of the continuous effect, and almost killed her. Suddenly on a VERY tight schedule (4 health left, and still on fire), I attempted to assassinate his caster, wind rushing Sorscha forward, feating (causing all his models to go stationary), then begging to shoot and Razor Wind with everything I could (the only other shot being the Devastator, of course). Not enough to do the job. Since Kreoss had not used his feat yet, I conceded. It was just going to be more painful, and that's if the fire didn't kill me. Another loss!

I know I was a little too aggressive moving Sorscha up, but I do like using Khador. It's a very different feel than Cryx, who I'm more familiar with. I'll have to give the faction a try with some new toys!

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