Saturday, December 1, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 12/01/18

This was a week where I continued work on the basement (my eventual gaming den), and was given a surprise dog-sitting assignment, which has, once again, slowed me down in my hobby life.  With luck, maybe I can get a week where I have no abnormal commitments, and can get some stuff done!

Games Played
  • Massive Darkness - Two games.  Rob and I restarted the story mode that we had tried to play when MD first came out, some time ago.  With a re-read of the rules, integrating all of the expansions, and preparing properly, we had some pretty good games.  We played the first scenario twice, losing the first time, but replaying it with some slightly better gear, and finally succeeded.  I am going to be using Mila, who can leg swipe enemies, dealing non-action damage at times, and taking the Shadow Barbarian class.  So I'm great at dealing damage, and have decent defense without armor.  Rob is taking Ajax, the Dark Magician, who could resurrect friendly heroes (although it's a bit tough to do with only two players).  He is taking the Sorcerer class, giving him some bonuses to his Magic attacks. 
New Arrivals
  • The core rulebook and the GM Screen for the Overlight RPG. I am going to be running an RPG campaign some day, hopefully in the near future.  More on this when that gets closer to happening.
  • A unit of Black Ogrun Boarding Party for Warmachine.  I know there's a bit more doom and gloom the last two days, with Will Pagani announcing his departure.  I try to stay positive, and that means I'll continue buying PP models for the games I enjoy.
  • Mini Expansion #6: Professionals, for Millennium Blades.  We enjoyed the game the one time we played, so I wanted to make sure I have all the currently released expansions.
  • Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress.  My brother expressed interest in this.  I'm interested in this.  My friends have some interest in this.  I mean, how could I resist?  It looks like a ton of fun.  I still haven't opened it, but man, once that basement is set up, I'll be having some people over to play this.
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • None
  • Read up through the halfway point in Anna Karenina.
  • Started reading the November issue of White Dwarf.

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