Monday, January 13, 2020

Marvel Champions LCG Decklist - Aggression Captain America

Image taken from the FFG home page
I have played a few times with the Captain America preconstructed deck (a Leadership deck), but I wanted to try something different, and decided to give Aggression a shot, as my experience with it wasn't super impressive.  Here is what I ended up with:

Captain America

2x Combat Training (Core Set)
1x Captain America's Helmet (Captain America)
1x Captain America's Shield (Captain America)
2x Super-Soldier Serum (Captain America)
2x Enraged (Captain America)
1x Endurance (Ms. Marvel)

1x Chase Them Down (Core Set)
2x Relentless Assault (Core Set)
3x Uppercut (Core Set)
2x First Aid (Core Set)
2x Fearless Determination (Captain America)
3x Heroic Strike (Captain America)
2x Shield Block (Captain America)
2x Shield Toss (Captain America)
2x Melee (Ms. Marvel)

1x Avengers Mansion (Core Set)
1x Helicarrier (Core Set)
1x Steve's Apartment (Captain America)

2x The Power of Aggression (Core Set)
1x Energy (Core Set)
1x Genius (Core Set)
1x Strength (Core Set)

1x Hulk (Core Set)
1x Tigra (Core Set)
1x Mockingbird (Core Set)
1x Agent 13 (Captain America)

My primary goal of this deck was to stock it with physical resources to enable Hulk to stick around for a long time once I got him out, and to allow Heroic Strike to have a lot of opportunities to trigger its stun effect.  The Super-Soldier Serum, if I could get that out early, was a huge help to the latter.  In two games, it's actually played pretty well.  Captain America is actually great for handling threat on his own, and he can certainly put damage out as needed.  Overall, he's just a fantastic hero.  He can hunker down and take some blows, too, which is really helpful, keeping your allies on the table longer.

So, I've gotten two games in with this combo so far, both wins, but both against Rhino.  I'll take him on a tougher challenge as soon as I can manage.

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