Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October MiniCrate arrived! [Warmachine/Hordes]

Got something fun in the mail today!  What could it be?
Oooh!  The new MiniCrate from Privateer Press!  I can't actually remember which one I'm getting, so despite the frequent spoilers and articles, these actually still manage to be a surprise when they get to me.  Let's have a look!
Two miniatures??

Let's look at the included cards, so we know what we are getting.
Very cool.  Alright, onto the miniatures.
And of course, they look great.  I'm really excited to get the current run of these miniatures.  Many, I can't use yet, but man they look great.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 10/13/18

Back to a regular gaming schedule!

I want to make mention of the blog of a friend of mine: Massively Miniaturized.  Once upon a time, my friends and I ALL blogged.  For a long time, it was just me.  However, finally, one other returns to the world of blogging...

Anyway, please check it out!

Games Played
  • Played a session of Mutant Year Zero, a roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic future.  In this one, we planned for a potential conflict with the Singing Monolith, talking to the bosses in the Arc, and prepared to find some allies to drag into the fight.  We caught rumors of a group up north that we could try to get involved.  We'll see how that goes.  In this campaign, I am playing as Lug, a Bruiser.  I am actually pretty dang scary when I am in combat.  And definitely not, outside of it.
  • Played three games of Warhammer Underworlds with BK.  He ran his Magore's Fiends warband, I tried out the new Stormsire's Cursebreakers, and my Chosen Axes warband.  Went 0-3, and I wouldn't say any of the games were remotely close.  Ooph.  Some of this was just bad play on my part.  Some was just... the Chosen Axes seem to not be good.  It's too difficult to Inspire them in a world with so many enemy pushes.  I'll probably switch to a different warband for a bit before giving them another shot.
New Arrivals
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault.  I love Shadespire.  Why wouldn't I grab the next big thing for that game?  Adds magic!  And new warbands!  Oooh!
  • October issue of White Dwarf.  Came with a free pack of Age of Sigmar: Champions cards!
  • Kill Team: Rogue Trader.  If they would stock the original box, I would have bought that, but I wanted some new toys, and picked this up.  I can't wait to get to work on this, and may have a chance to play it next month!
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Assembled my Stormsire's Cursebreakers warband from the Nightvault Core Set! First miniatures I've assembled in some time.  They didn't perform great... but it was just a starter deck after all.
  • Read nothing, unfortunately.  Wasn't any time this past week.  Plan to read a lot next week!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 10/6/18

A bit delayed.  We did the final move into our new house, then immediately went on a week long vacation.  Since I've had a bit of a gap between last post and this, this won't be a 'weekly' log, but a 'what have I done since last post' log.  I will get back onto my correct schedule this Saturday.

Games Played
  • Amazingly, despite all of that, I did get some games in...
  • Three games of Magic: The Gathering.  These were all Commander games against my oldest nephew, Jonas.  I went 2-1, using his decks, playing only two player games.  Two were in an airplane, one was on a hotel floor.  We tried to rope Matt into a game but he declined.  Sigh.  Anyway, I used his decks, and clearly, we have some work to do.  He doesn't quite get card synergy, or how the mana curve works.  We'll get him there though.
  • Five games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions.  I'm kind of cheating by listing this, but I did technically play.  In this case, I played all the games on the app.  I had bought a starter to learn the rules, and then used the app to actually see the game in action.  Since they were all starter deck games, I won them all, then put in the few cards I have into the system.  I like the game, although I don't know that I love it.  I'm not sure I get the feel of the Age of Sigmar universe from the game..  Units and spells behave the same, you do anything when it isn't your turn... I don't know.  We'll see.  I'll keep playing it for a bit and decide then.
New Arrivals
  • Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation.  This is the first season of expansions for the Twilight of the Gods card game.  Looks like a freaking FANTASTIC non-collectible card game, with a lot of interesting choices in the game.  I still haven't played it though.  That clearly didn't keep me from buying expansions (or at least, backing them on Kickstarter).
  • A Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Starter deck.  I chose Order.  For now.
  • Mutants and Masterminds Deluxe Core Book.  My nephew Jonas had expressed interest in playing "Dungeons and Dragons superheroes".  This is as close as I could get I think.  If he wants to play, I'll see what I can do to get him to play and enjoy it.  Who knows, maybe my wife and brother will play too.  A man can dream!
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Nothing.  Everything is packed up, unfortunately.
  • Read the rules to Age of Sigmar: Champions.  Mentioned this above.
  • Read the September issue of White Dwarf.  Good battle reports.  Makes me wish my minis were accessible so I can get back to playing again! (sooooooon, soon).
  • Finished the Stormcast Eternals Battletome.  Very interesting read.  Lots of background, which was more appealing to me for the moment, and the rules for the models look fun, although it's hard to gauge that with no experience in the game.  I suspect I'll be playing them first anyway though, so definitely a valuable read.
  • Started Cibola Burn, the fourth book in the Expanse series.  This is a series I quite enjoy- fairly hard sci-fi, with a lot of subterfuge, and hinted at horrors.  Got about halfway through the book, and things are picking up nicely.  Look forward to finish this next week.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 9/15/18

House work continues, but I move this upcoming weekend, giving me a deadline for when I'll be back to normal gaming.  The above picture is a good sign of the state of my hobby collection for the moment.

Games Played
  • Played in a session of Mutant Year Zero run by Rob.  I am playing an Enforcer named Lug who is basically the perfect bruiser.  I didn't get a chance to use my abilities in our game though, as we talked with a matriarchal-ish group, then returned to the ark to discuss options for dealing with the new group.
New Arrivals
  • September issue of White Dwarf.  Who doesn't want new stuff to read?
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Nothing, unfortunately.
  • Finished No Quarter Prime #6.  The last issue ever!  It was really interesting to read all of that information about the Crucible Guard, however.  Very much work it if you are interested in the faction at all.
  • Read the rules to Blitz Bowl.  I tried teaching Blood Bowl to my brother some time ago, and he complained the game was too complicated (as if!).  I figure this would be a good one to look into, in order to see if it's simpler, but still keeping the flavor.  It seems like it will do a really good job, so I borrowed a rulebook to check it out.  Something I may get in the near future.
  • Started the Stormcast Eternals Battletome.  When Age of Sigmar 2.0 came out, I grabbed this, figuring I'd see some details of one of the factions in the game.  Still a lot to read here, but VERY interesting so far.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 9/8/18

Another slow week on the gaming front, as we are still doing work on the new house.  I am still going to find time for a little gaming though, have no fear!

Games Played
  • None!  I expect next week I will get at least a game of something in.  I spent my normal gaming days this week up at the new house, spackling and sanding.
New Arrivals
  • August issue of White Dwarf.  It has been.... well, several years since my last White Dwarf, and I was curious how the issues looked now.  I have to say, the material for the cover is amazing, and makes the magazine FEEL much more impressive.  The content is also really good, I have to admit- this issue had a lot of content about Adeptus Titanicus, which I appreciated, and the battle reports included were a very enjoyable read.  I may grab the next issue as well, and see if I continue after that.
  • The Realmgate Wars: Volume 1.  After reading the Age of Sigmar core rulebook, I am at least a little interested in the setting and the game.  What better way to satisfy wanting more information about the setting?  Getting some of the fiction, of course.  It's a hefty book that should give me something to read for a few days.
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Pretty limited this week- I started filing one of the Cryx heavy warjack kits (the Malice/Corrupter/Reaper one).  Did not get too far, however.  I know some people magnetize these kits, but I can't decide if I want to do that.  I own a single (metal) Reaper, and can't really see a use for another.  I don't own a Corrupter, but they have never been great.  I'm considering just assembling this as the character warjack, Malice, who I also don't own, as it would be a fun addition.  I'll think about it a little more before I continue with the assembly work.
  • Finished reading the Adeptus Titanicus rulebook.  This looks extremely interesting- a bit meatier than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Finished reading the Kill Team rulebook.  About what I expected, which was perfectly fine.  Eager to build some Kill Teams!
  • Finished reading August issue of White Dwarf (mentioned above).  Overall, pretty good.
  • Started reading No Quarter Prime #6 (Crucible Guard issue).  The last issue of No Quarter!  That is sad news, but like almost all issues of their in-house magazine, it has been very interesting.  I love reading the background/fiction for the factions/themes covered in NQP, and hope that their increased digital presence carries this forward.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 9/1/18

I've seen other blogs do this (like The Old West Chronicle), and I figured writing up a weekly summary might be a good way for me to collect my thoughts/accomplishments/random gaming things for the week easily.  We'll see how I like it after a week or two of it.

This week was a bit slow on the gaming front, as I focused on house-related things.  I finished the settlement for the house on Thursday, meaning I'm a homeowner for the first time in my life!  There's already so much I need to do, but even with that, I still found time for some gaming related things.

Games Played
  • Ticket to Ride: Two games with my wife and two of our friends (Megan and Christian).  I came in 2nd the first time, and 3rd the second time.  Christian won both games.  The second game, I wanted to see what happened if I tried to block all the east-west routes in the central of the country (all the small 2 or 1-train routes).  I blocked them all off, except for the one that was a double route.  Doing so didn't seem to hinder anyone.  Clearly, this is not a good strategy, at least for this iteration of the game.
  • Star Fluxx: One game, teaching and playing against Christian.  I don't particularly care for Fluxx- it is far too random to be enjoyable at all, but he wanted to try some lighter games, and I figured it's a good fit for that criteria.  I got the cards in my and that I needed to win, but Christian knew, and was able to play the card that switched our seating positions, taking my cards and board state.  I had one turn to stop him, didn't draw anything useful, and he won.
  • Odin's Ravens: Two games, teaching (and learning) and playing against Christian.  I won the first game, using my Loki cards to great effect.  He won the second game, as I got to the second to last spot, but didn't draw what I needed to advance.  This is my first time trying this one, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  Seems like a game my wife would enjoy, meaning it's something I'll have to consider picking up in the future.
New Arrivals
  •  Tiny Epic Zombies.  I did an unboxing post here.
  • VS System 2PCG: Spider-Friends.  An expansion for the non-collectible VS 2PCG card game.  I have opponents for this game finally, so with luck, I can finally get in some real games of this. 
  • Privateer Press mystery box!  Mine ended up being Retribution.  Guess that means I'm starting a Ret army (after my Minions... and Cryx... and Cygnar... and Mercenaries... and Legion... and Skorne... armies are done).  I may, however, assemble this a bit faster to play against BK and his upcoming mystery box.
  • Kill Team rulebook.  Rob bought the starter box, which is awesome, and I'm excited to play, but I wanted to have some time to assemble my own Kill Team, and it makes for an extremely fun modeling opportunity.  So... yeah, I'm going to read up on the rules myself, so we have a couple of people prepped to play.
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Finished assembly of my Swamp Horror for Hordes.  He'll be a nice addition to my Rask battlegroup if I play Will Work For Food (Overtake plus a meaningful strength plus good range?  Heck yes).  It didn't go together quite perfectly though- I'll have to green stuff around his mouth piece to create a better join.

Plastic Terrain Bundle [Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game]

This was a KS-exclusive add-on, that basically gave you a set of the different plastic terrain choices they were offering during the campaign.  It came in a quite large box:
And has everything nicely packaged.

Per the campaign, the contents are:
  • 1 Trees Set
  • 3 Hedges
  • 3 Palisades
  • 3 Stakes
  • 2 Ruined Walls
  • 1 Low Wall
  • 1 Bog
  • 1 Weirdwood Tree Set
  • 4 Corpse Piles
  • 2 Plateau
So for simplicity, I'll just follow this order to show the pictures.

Tree Set:
Ruined Walls and Low Wall:
Bog (this is flat on the board):
Corpse Piles:
And the Plateaus:
If I listed more than one of something up top, but didn't take a picture that OBVIOUSLY had more than one of the item in it, the duplicates are identical (for example, I have two identical plateaus).

The terrain is really nice, and the colored plastic will make them look quite nice on the table until they can be painted a little (really, just a little drybrushing would probably make these look amazing).  As a miniature wargamer, you can never have enough terrain- although this is a great set of stuff to help ensure I have some interesting tables to fight over.  Great quality, good size, and quite a good amount. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Stark Bowmen [Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game]

On to the next unit box!  Stark Bowmen, for when rushing things like wolves, berserkers, or great cavalry into your opponent just isn't enough to get the job done.
There are three of each of the following miniatures.
I decided to try and see how these would look in their tray, as they would on the table.  I still need to figure out how to take a good picture of this, but hey, I tried!
Looks pretty cool in person, at least.

Next time, I'll post a bunch more of the Kickstarter exclusive stuff!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tiny Epic Zombie Unboxing

I backed this one on Kickstarter, and it arrived today, which is awesome!  I expect most of these pictures will be nicely duplicated on the Kickstarter page (in better quality!), but heck, doesn't hurt to have them multiple places!

The package, when it arrived, was nice and small, a common theme among their "Tiny Epic" line of games.
Comes with a nice little rulebook (20 pages, including the front and back cover).
The first thing under the rulebook was the Deluxe Edition content.  Four new player cards:
Each player card has a zombie side, as well!
Five Search cards, two new weapons, and a Dog Meeple:
More on the weapons in a bit.

We have a pack of tokens that deal with the scenarios (Room and Objective Tokens):
A die for melee:
Apologies, I could not get this picture any more clear
A stack of 32 search cards, including Zombies, Equipment, and Events:
Four meeples:
Twelve items:
Now, about the items.  The meeples have little holes in their hands.  They can use those holes to carry stuff.  It's pretty adorable:
Ready to kill some zombies...
There are two vehicles that the meeples can ride around in (sorry I didn't take a picture of them doing so!):
There is a bag of Barricades, Objective, and Horde markers:
Tokens and Zombies (18 Zombies, 4 Wound Tokens, and 4 Ammo Tokens):
Nine Mall Cards (these are double sided):
Nine Objective Cards (one side is for a cooperative scenario, the other is for a competitive scenario):
And finally, there are 14 Player Cards:
The components for this game look excellent, and this looks like it will be a blast to get on the table.  It also looks like it'll be something easy to get people to play, as the play time on the box is 30-45 minutes.  I am going to try to get this played on Thursday, but if that fails, I'll try to play it solo at my part-time job.  So hopefully I'll have more to say about this very soon.

Thanks for reading!