Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Road to Glory Part 3

+++ Transmission Begins +++
Transmitted: Larax Outpost, Endmus
Received: Convent Sanctorum, Ophelia VII
Date: 4558999M41
Astropathic Duct: Riaeva Jenik, Ordo Hereticus
Author: Canoness Preceptor Sahine
Title: Mission Status Update
Thought For The Day: Success is commemorated; Failure merely remembered


I am pleased to report significant progress on our re-cleansing of Endmus. We have dealt the xenos a significant blow, and I feel we have finally taken the initiative in the campaign.

We have a sector of the warzone (523.A) where our forward outpost is very close to the xenos'. It has been the site of a few skirmishes in the past, but overall it's been a fairly quiet zone. Lately we've noticed more activity on their side of the lines, and decided to launch an attack to disrupt whatever plans the foul xenos were working on.

We sent Battle Squads Melangell (Flamer/Melta) and Ulphia (Melta/Melta) as well as Celestian Squad Tigridia and Retributor Squad Elfleda to launch a quick attack across the lines. Melangell and Tigridia were tasked with launching the attack, with Elfleda providing fire support, and Ulphia to defend our outpost in case we needed a counterattack, or support in case the forward squads needed fire support for a retreat. Turns out they were not needed.

Squad Melangell sped a Rhino directly towards the xenos outpost, catching them mostly unawares, and with holy promethium and blessed bolter shell forced the 'Tau' to retreat. Their cowardice was a reminder to all present that only those who follow the Emperor were fit to hold this planet.

After taking the outpost, Squads Elfleda and Ulphia took up support positions in our outpost, and Tigridia moved to cleanse a nearby crater of xenos soldiers. The response from the Tau was... confusing. They seemed to be expecting reinforcements, but they were late it coming, and the reports from our sisters noted that the Tau reinforcements came only after we were ready for them. Perhaps there is some new Tau trick we are unaware of? If so, it did not work, as our squads made short work of anything that arrived that was in range.

Tigridia, in one of our Immolators, cleared the crater and began firing on one of their higher ranked members in those strange suits. The sneaky Tau attempted to surprise us with their 'stealth' troopers attacking Ulphia from behind, but were quickly decimated. Minutes later, organized Tau resistance in the area faded.

In short, we've not won a decisive battle, but we've finally, after so many years, broken a hole in their lines, and as a testament to our preparedness, we've already launched an attack into the gap. As always, I will inform you of any progress we make against the xenos.

Praise be the Emperor!

Your servant,


+++ Transmission Ends +++

Played the second mission later in the day on Saturday.

750 pt batle, took two squads of sisters in Rhinos, 5 Retributors w/ 3 Heavy Bolters, and a Palatine w/ Celestian Squad in an Immolator.

Capture and Control mission, Dawn of War Deployment, ended up capturing BOTH of the objectives, giving me the scenario win. Part of it was his poor reserve rolls (most squads didn't come until turn 4, I think?), but I don't think he was prepared to retake the objective after I took his on the first turn. Those rhino squads really are proving their worth!

This means I'm now the attacker for the campaign, giving me some of the initiative. Won't matter if I don't win the final battle though!

More details when we play a game (will probably be in a few weeks, and playing at 1250 pts).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Road to Glory Part 2

+++ Transmission Begins +++
Transmitted: Larax Outpost, Endmus
Received: Convent Sanctorum, Ophelia VII
Date: 4557999M41
Astropathic Duct: Charael Idiam, Ordo Hereticus
Author: Canoness Preceptor Sahine
Title: Mission Status
Thought For The Day: Vigilance is Your Shield

Most Revered Prioress,

You requested to be informed about progress regarding the ongoing war with the Xenos (designation: 'Tau') and their heathen allies (designation: 'Kroot') on the planet Endmus. I pray to have better news in the near future, but at present there is not much to report.

Since we've begun the campaign here, years prior, we've been hard-pressed to fight a decisive battle with the xenos. They've been difficult to pin down, and seem to be capable of incredible mobility. We've been increasingly working on fighting them whenever the opportunity presents itself, as well as continuing work attacking their front lines. So far, it's been a stalemate.

We have spent far too many resources lately on fixing mistakes. Recently, we had a supply mission get intercepted and shot down. We sent Battle Squad Menna as well as Celestian Squad Cyriaca, along with a squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to attempt to retrieve them. Unfortunately, the Emperor-forsaken xenos attacked with the same goal, causing heavy casualties and taking some of the supplies from our grasps. With the Emperor's words on their lips, they ended the life of many xenos that day with blessed fire and bolter. Emperor be praised!

I am pleased to report that plans are underway to begin a more serious offensive, and I will send you an update when I can. Until then, we pray for the Emperor's guidance, and any resources the Ordos can send.

With faith and fire, the enemies of man shall fall.


+++ Transmission Ends +++

First mission played on Saturday. We ended up drawing (500 pts). We also played the second mission later that day, and I'll post an update sometime tomorrow, hopefully.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Night BeatTown

Me and Rob ran another Monsterpocalypse game Friday night. Of course, we show up and decide to play the exact same monster (Gakura), so after a brief discussion we ran our first every multi-monster game.

I chose Gakura and Tyrranix, who are the same agenda. This let me use all of my Terrasaur and Ape units, plus get the benefits from the monsters. I also chose a fairly balanced mix of units, mainly shooting support, but a decent amount of Carnidons for brawl attacks (coupled with Gakura's berserk, and alpha form Tyrannix's charge, hopefully).

Rob chose Gakura and King Kondo. Primarily this was because it was convenient to run both of the current Ape Empire monsters... I suspect partially it's because Rob has a thing for apes ;). This is a man who thinks Planet of the Apes doesn't suck horribly (I know, I know, I'm in the minority thinking here). Don't remember a lot of his overall unit comp.

Fairly even city layout, we played on the Highway to Hellevue map.

I didn't keep a full play by play, but I will say I learned to appreciate the value of morphers, as well as the value of two monsters (even using the rather limited A-die and P-die resources).

For instance, early in the game (my first monster activation) I charged two parts of my morpher, Rolling Ranch and Gearjammer-BTO, across the board to combine brawl attack against one of his monsters (to Beat Back it into the other monster). The next activation, I chose a monster activation, went hyper, and removed myself from danger on the other side of the map (where Gypsy Sunbeam was). Doing that was very important for causing early damage, and really set a more aggressive style of play from my end.

Mid-game, I used Gakura's Blitz at the start of an activation to destroy two buildings, which provided all the P-die Tyrranix needed to throw Ultra Gakura across the map, killing the form. Without Gakura there, I would have been able to do a decent chunk of damage, but not kill the form. Things like that really added up.

Regardless, the end result was a victory for me, a demolished city, and a new appreciation for morphers. All in all, a good night :) Sadly, I can't count this in my goal of beating Rob with every monster, since I want to do that in one-on-one matchups. I feel confident Tyrranix and Gakura will be up to the task, however.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Road to Glory Part 1

Alright, this Saturday me and Nate start our first 40K campaign, the 'Road to Glory' out of the Warhammer 40K rulebook. He will most likely be taking Tau, and I will probably be running with the Witch Hunters.

The basic idea behind the campaign is that two armies will have been fighting for many years, locked in a very very long stalemate. New commanders (me and him) have been shipped to the front, and it's our time to fight for glory, honor, faith, or the Greater Good.

We will be doing the campaign Escalation style. That means we will be increasing the size of the battle as we go along. Our first two scenarios will be at 500 pts, then 750 pts. I will post army lists tomorrow most likely. Should be a blast- a classic fight between a short range, tougher army vs a long range mobile army. Could be an uphill fight for me... but that's part of the fun!

Various Gaming update

Played Rob twice Wednesday night in Manoeuvre.

First game was as the British vs the Turks. The game was... well.. not close. Rob pretty much outplayed me the entire game, and was well on the path to utterly destroying me. He was beating me in casualties, and I was barely holding on to fight for nightfall (although he had the advantage there). Then he moved a cavalry unit to prepare for an attack, but my counterattack killed him, leading him to concede. He should've won... he really just gets overexcited sometimes!

The second game was as the Austrians vs his Americans. I chose the two weakest armies expecting a balanced match. That was sadly not the case. The American's ability to withdraw led them to get pushed back from the center line, and the steady Austrian advance caught them in several crossfires. The resulting attacks left him with a depleted line, and me having more and more chances to isolate and kill his units. End result? A 5-0 casualty victory. The Americans never seem to win when we play them, either we're clueless... or they just suck. I'm not sure.

Also, I got my copy of Hellenes. Haven't given it a good look yet, but it looks to be a solid game. Can't wait to break it out!

Also, game of Monsterpocalypse tomorrow. Not sure who I'm going to run. Really don't have the proper units to play the new monsters :(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Warhammer Empire

Alright, this is what I'm looking to run as my 'all-comers' army for Empire:

Arch Lector w/ Armor of Meteroic Iron, Holy Relic, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Great Weapon - 231
Captain (BSB) w/ full plate armor, Griffon Standard - 138
Wizard (lvl 2) w/ Doomfire Ring - 130
Wizard (lvl 2) w/ Rod of Power - 130
28 Swordsmen w/ full command - 193
9 Halberdiers (detachment) - 45
10 Crossbowmen - 80
10 Crossbowmen - 80
6 Knights w/ Full Command, War Banner - 203
19 Greatswords w/ Full Command - 220
9 Halberdiers (detachment) - 45
6 Handgunners (detachment) - 48
5 Pistoliers w/ musician - 97
Great Cannon - 100
Great Cannon - 100
Helblaster Volley Gun - 110
Steam Tank - 300
Total Army Cost: 2250

I'm not sure how it'll run, but I'll give it a shot once, and change it as I go (not against you Frans, I have other surprises!).

Thoughts? I have thoughts, but I'll run this once or twice before posting.

Painting: This army hasn't been started paint wise. It's mostly assembled, however.

Incinerus vs Gorghadratron

Ugh. I'll spare you guys (all one of you!) the play by play of another beatdown. I ran Incinerus (Ultra) against Rob's Gorghadratron (Ultra) Monday night. It did not end well. Why not? I came up with several reasons.
  1. I'm losing my edge. Part of it is the new set, which has a LOT of things I'm not as familiar with, but a just as big thing is that Rob is getting better. Yes yes, I said it. Once I get time to really get up to date with things, I'll see what I can do.
  2. I really don't have the units to run some of these monsters. Incinerus needs more of those Elemental Champion units. Doesn't really work with the GUARD ones (although they do come in handy in a pinch).
  3. The matchup was terrible. Take a blast monster, who's really about board control (ie not much damage), and throw him up against a blast monster with cloak, super damage, and power die denial. It's just ugly. It really doesn't work.
  4. I was careless. I freaking SAW the Electrial plant on the table. I READ what it did. And I STILL took a point from it because I was careless. *sigh. I also tried brawling a building instead of blasting it. Geez, 5*1 against Def 6? Brilliant.
  5. My luck. It was terrible, but even the best luck in the game wouldn't have saved me this game.
Well, I've got a lot of work to do. I don't mind, but I really need to do some work to get these new monsters usable. Mainly the right units!

Soon though. Soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monsterpocalypse NOW!

Well, we got our cases today. Me and Rob split the unit boosters up 6 apiece, and ended up getting one of each monster. Rob astutely noticed that all of the monsters I have were far superior to the ones he had- he must have guessed the win-loss record of our respective monsters in the near future. How'd he know? Crazy.

Looked through my monsters, have some pretty good ideas of what I'm going to be running (a few monsters REALLY stick out with potential, even with the units I had from the previous block). REAL potential.

Began looking through my things for terrain ideas. Craggy hills, buildings, forests? Hmm... will come up with something.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Space Hulk

So, got my Space Hulk Battlefoam today. Fits pretty well into the box (although had to watch the video to get the corridors fitting moderately. Doesn't close quite as well, and one Genestealer doesn't fit (and for the life of me couldn't figure it out), but otherwise plenty happy. This also means I've succeeded in assembling all of my Space Hulk miniatures. Now I just need some games!

Either later this week or next week, I'm going to start with some terrain or painting stuff. I'm going to try my hand at building some random terrain (probably out of a No Quarter or White Dwarf magazine), as well as begin doing the work for converting/painting/finishing my Dark Elf lord (from my army list). Also, maybe a game of Monsterpocalypse with Rob tomorrow (and maybe our new figures will come in??). And finally, will start working on some of my 40K stuff! Busy busy! Will keep ya posted!

Columbus Day

So I had off on Columbus Day. I think to myself, wouldn't it be perfect to sit here and paint, catch up on Netflix and Podcasts, and just enjoy my day?

Of course, then I get sick, and do nothing. No progress. *sigh. Hopefully sometime this week I can get back into the swing of miniature-ing. A few things some friends wanted- explanations for difficult model assembly, painting tips, and terrain tips. Will get working on them!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Dark Elves

This is the army list I'm quasi-running for my Dark Elves. Thoughts after:

Dark Elves Monster Heavy (2250):
Dreadlord w/ Repeater Crossbow, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Black Dragon, Crimson Death, Pendant of Khaeleth - 545
Master (BSB) w/ Lance, Repeater Crossbow, Manticore, Ring of Hotek, Armor of Darkness - 369
Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
Cold One Chariot - 100
Cold One Chariot - 100
10 Shades w/ Bloodshade, Great Weapons, Light Armor - 208
5 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command, Standard of Slaughter, Soulrender - 225
Hydra - 175
Hydra - 175
Total Cost: 2248 pts

This army has a lot of strengths.

It's extremely mobile. The slowest unit in the army is the Shades, but they are also the most maneuverable, and can start a lot closer to my opponent. Two flying beasties supported by a lot of fast units mean my opponent will be dealing with my army on my second turn where I want him to deal with it.

It's decent at shooting. Most things in the army shoot. There's almost 60 shots a turn, not counting the breath weapons. I don't look at the shooting as a primary way of dealing with opposing units, but it's a 'nice to have'.

It's great at close combat. This army can HIT. On the charge, almost any two (or three, since the army is quick enough to get where I need them to) units will be hitting, and together the results are devastating. I try to keep the Dreadlord and Master close by one another as support (and magic defense), and when the two enter combat together, they produce wonderful results. Everything else does just fine (except the Dark Riders, who provide vital flank support).

With that said, there's a HUGE weakness- magic. I only get my 2 dispel die, plus the defense from the Ring of Hotek. Some armies will be able to cast magic nearly unopposed (so long as they don't target anything near the Ring of Hotek). Lore of Beasts can really stall out my army if I don't get lucky with opponent miscasts.

Also, there's only two magic weapons in the army, meaning I'm looking at an uphill battle if a VC army runs a lot of ethereal stuff.

I'm not really sure what to change to address this. I might toy with dropping the Manticore, mounting the Master on a Chariot (and switching the Armor of Darkness for another magical weapon), adding a scroll caddy, and filling with Harpies. If that seems to work better, that's what I'll change the above list to do.

Painting Progress:

Xaxor vs Zor-Magna

*sigh. All this talk of my skillz, and the first game post-startup of this blog is a loss. I guess that's expected. I of course lacked two things. First, I didn't take any notes (too lazy, and not really sure what I would be writing down), and second, I took a monster I had already beaten Rob with.

Regardless, me and Rob played last Thursday, I took Xaxor vs his Zor-Magna, and got beat. It wasn't a HUGE loss... but a loss is a loss. We played on the Riverside Rampage map (I believed), and I made one too many mistakes... and completely forgot rule #3: pay attention to the map! Didn't even notice there were teleporters. Thankfully, by the time THAT mattered, I had already lost. They may have helped me some, but I don't think enough.

Regardless, Rob played very well. I'm convinced Shadow Sun are probably the strongest faction in the first block, and are easily the most difficult to use, and Rob did very well in thwarting my game plan and punishing my mistakes. Overall a good game (so long as I learn from my loss!). :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miniature games

Alright, what else do I play? Several games (and several armies)

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40K:
  • Inquisition (both Daemonhunters and Sisters) (about 2500 combined)
  • Necrons (2500 or so)
  • Dark Eldar (500)
  • Chaos Space Marines (1500)
Battlefleet Gothic:
  • Imperial Navy (2500)
  • Dark Eldar (2000)
  • Small-ish Space Marine army. Not sure how many points
Blood Bowl:
  • Dark Elves
  • Dwarfs
  • High Elves
  • Humans (2 different teams)
  • Orcs
  • Dark Elves (2000)
  • Empire (2000)
  • Van Saar
  • Goliath
Lord of the Rings:
  • Gondor (700)
  • Mordor (500)
  • Mercenaries (not sure what I'd run them as...)
  • Skaven
  • Cryx (2000+)
  • Cygnar (maybe 500)
  • Skorne (750)


  • Therians

Flames of War:

  • American 101st Airborne Division (just starting... slowly)
I also own TONS of boardgames, and bits and pieces for several more games, but these are all armies I could run on short notice.

Of course... none are painted, or even close. Or even started in most cases. I will use this blog to talk about my progress too, as I see fit :)

Edit- these now will link to army lists, and I will list painting progress for that army on that page.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Monsterpocalypse is a fantastic Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG) by Privateer Press. Two players each take one monster, up to 15 supporting units, and battle to the death across a variety of city-based maps. There's plenty of throwing, bodyslamming, radiation beams, building destruction, and overall mayhem to give any sort of person something to enjoy.

It's also one of the primary games that me and a buddy play. Sadly for said buddy, it's a game I do significantly better at. Why is that? Well, I'm just awesome. Also, I really 'see' the game better than he does. There's many many interacting abilities/triggers/reactions that the board (and units and monsters) force the player to deal with, and it can be difficult for a player to play in a way to best take advantage of it. I don't claim to be the best player in the world... but I do alright.

My current goal is to beat my buddy with every one of the monsters. So far, it's coming along nicely, but still plenty to go. These are who I have left:

Martian Menace:

  • All 5 monsters
Shadow Sun Syndicate:

  • All 5 monsters

  • Sky Sentinel
  • Nova ESR
  • Legionnaire
Lords of Cthul:

  • Ulgoth
Planet Eaters:

  • Rogzor
  • Zorog

  • Pteradox
  • Rakadon
  • Tyranix


  • All 2 monsters


  • All 2 monsters

Elemental Champions:

  • All 2 monsters

Subterranean Uprising:

  • All 2 monsters

Savage Swarm:

  • All 2 monsters

Empire of the Apes:

  • All 2 monsters

Now, in all of these cases, I've never RUN any of these monsters against him, but I eventually will. I will make sure to keep track of what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and my thoughts =). I will even post my views on tactics with certain monsters (and I've joked many times about how he can use them as a new strategy guide).

Hopefully I can knock one off this list by the end of the week :)


Alright! Time for some information to make this blog interesting.

First, welcome to everyone who bothers reading these things. I imagine I'll be the only person, but hell, I get a kick out of that too. Maybe the g/f will read it too. Who knows. Who cares? :)

I'm a gamer, and I imagine this blog will be mostly about gaming. That may change as I decide I don't really have anything important to talk about. I'm also a professional computer scientist, but I bet you guys get to be spared from reading about that. There will probably be non-gaming things too, depending on my whims.

Alright, that's good for now. Time to make my first relevant post....


First post! Just testing for the moment :)